Male Menopause


What is the Male Menopause ?

Can men experience the change? Since men can’t escape aging, they can certainly experience the changes that come along with it. Just as our bodies change mentally and physically with age, they can also change hormonally. Male menopause is just as real as female menopause; however, men may notice the change more gradually over time.

Male menopause has also been referred to as andropause, testosterone deficiency, androgen deficiency, or late-onset hypogonadism. Each term means a male’s testosterone levels are too low. On average, testosterone decreases about one percent every year and could start to drop at age 30 and reach 50 percent its normal level by age 70. Of course, results vary from man to man and depend on medical history and current health conditions.

Do you think you may be going through the change? If you’re currently experiencing any of the following symptoms of male menopause, talk with your doctor about having your testosterone levels tested and discuss what treatments options are available.

Physical Changes

  • Decrease in bone density, strength, muscle mass, sexual function

  • Weight gain

  • Hot flashes

Mental Changes

  • Less desire for sex
    • Depression
    • Low energy
    • Lack of focus and motivation

    Emotional Changes

  • Decrease in self-confidence
    • More mood swings
    • Irritability